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Join Robert

at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

In Maryland - Sept 15th to Sept 17th 2016

This is a BIG and successful Convention which has been operating now for 11 years.

This is Robert’s first appearance at this festival and he will be meeting and greeting fans from all over the world and as usual he will be selling personalised autographed photos plus DVDs of some of his popular shows

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Meet the stars at Hunt Valley, Along with Robert will be:

L to R: Debra Paget, Gary Lockwood, Dabney Coleman, Geri Reischl, Keir Dullea, Kent McCord

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Hunt Valley Wyndham, Hunt Valley, Maryland

L to R: Bernie Kopell, Britt Ekland, John Amos, Kathy Garver

L to R: Luciana Paluzzi, Russ McCubbin