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I am very grateful to the people who work hard to make sure my site stays fun and informative, so that you enjoy the time you spend here.

I would like to introduce you to the team

The Ramrod

My name is Tony Gill. I was born and raised in England and have been a western fan all my life. My all time favourite western is Laramie and the greatest western character is Jess Harper played to perfection by Robert Fuller.

I had the pleasure of meeting Robert for the first time in March 2003, and since then we have become good and  close friends. A friendship I value beyond measure.

He is without doubt a wonderful individual and I am proud and privileged to be his website manager and his fan club president.

Now please let me introduce the rest of the Team. - And enjoy your visit. Hope you come back soon.

The Writers

My name is Gail Fox and I go by "Gus" on the Fandom. I'm retired from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and worked primarily in environmental protection. My husband and I live on a small hobby farm in western Wisconsin along with three paint horses and a very sweet Doberman (dog). Even though I grew up in a big city, I've been a horse crazy cowgirl my whole life. My heroes have always been cowboys and Robert Fuller is my favorite. My hobbies include collecting cowboy slang terms and their meanings, flower and vegetable gardening and riding and showing my horse.

Hi! I’m Belinda, I hail from the chilly plains of western Canada, a land charmingly rediscovered annually by explorers every time the ice melts. I studied filmmaking way back with old-timey celluloid, am baffled by cell phones, I love black & white and strongly suspect “colour” might be a fad. In addition to freelance work, I am the proud Film Programmer of one of the longest running, single screen art-house cinemas in the country. I was a cop’s kid in the 1970s and grew up watching Robert on the groundbreaking show Emergency, which led my beloved late parents to hope I might become a doctor. My favourite movies and television shows are those which broke the rules when there were rules to break. An unrepentant fan of Robert Fuller’s for decades, I still unfortunately believe “Marry Me in Laramie” is a personal invitation.

In 2009 I caught the travel bug and have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places around the world... the most recent being Antarctica. My other interests include writing, hiking and of course watching my Robert Fuller DVDs.

I have been a fan since I was 12 when I first saw Robert in Emergency! as Doctor Kelly Brackett back in 1972. In 1975 Laramie was rerun on Australian television and I met Jess Harper for the very first time and promptly fell head over heels in love with him. In 2012 I rediscovered Laramie on YouTube and joined the Robert Fuller Fandom soon after.

In 2013 I attended my first Western Festival in McKinney Texas where I had the good fortune to meet Robert and many of the Fandom members. I returned to McKinney this year (2014) and also attended the Western Legends festival in Kanab, Utah.

I have met some truly wonderful people and made some very dear friends through being involved in the Robert Fuller Fandom.

(Sally also does many of the screen-caps you see on the site)

Returning to my adopted hometown of Enterprise, Alabama, I continued to write short stories and poetry and was a writer/editor for several military publications.  During the 80s, I married Richard, an Army officer, and soon made my home in Europe again.  Over the next two decades, I spent my time raising two children and dancing the U.S. Army ‘quickstep’.  Still working full-time, I love to do crafts and crochet for family, friends, and charitable organizations.   Rich and I make our home on five acres in Coffee Springs, Alabama, along with seven fur babies.  Our older daughter, Miranda, is married to Kurt Bensch (another military man) and currently resides in Maryland; they are the parents of two-year-old Burton James.  Our younger daughter, Ember, is working on her second bachelor degree.  Her first is in English Literature; now she is a full-time nursing student.  I have been a Robert Fuller fan since I first saw him on a black-and-white, snowy, eighteen-inch television screen way back in 1959, and my greatest thrill was not just getting to meet him in 2009 but discovering that he really IS Jess Harper!

More Team


Hi, I'm Sally, I live in Melbourne, Australia and currently work as an integration aide at our local primary school, helping children with special needs cope in a mainstream school environment.

My name is Theresa Karle

Born into a military family, I spent my formative years in Europe.  At twelve, I wrote my first ‘fan fiction’ story (Batman) and at eighteen, I was working as a writer/editor for a local newspaper.  After college, I moved to Los Angeles, California, where I worked at a major movie studio and pitched several scripts.