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The Beta Reader

My name is Jan Graham. I am retired (was a programmer, accountant and human resources specialist), live in Central Kentucky, have three daughters (and sons-in-law) and five grandsons. I use my maiden name, Jan Graham, on the fandom, but you might also occasionally find me listed as Jan Peddicord, same person.

I have been a Robert Fuller fan since first seeing him as “Jess Harper” on Laramie and have followed Robert’s career ever since. He had me from that first, "Gettin' a crick in my neck! Tell me when I can get up!" comment. Lost my heart right then!

I joined the RF Fandom on August 30, 2012, and attended my first Western festival, Spirit of the Cowboy in McKinney, Texas, two weeks later.

Meeting Robert Fuller was a dream come true, and I expected that to be the one and only time I had that pleasure. But I have been able to go to all the festivals RF has attended since that time, with the exception of Western Legends in 2013. Meeting Bob and Tony and becoming friends with members of the Robert Fuller Fandom around the globe has been one of life’s joys.

Barb Taylor

I was a baby boon fifties baby. I am happily married to a wonderful man who I met when 16 and we have never parted since. I am mother to three-- two daughters and a son, all married. And grandmother to six children -- three boys and three girls. We all live close to each other and family parties/holidays and happenings are important to us all.
I have worked as a Physiotherapist since I graduated when I was 21 years old. Before retiring at 59 I was manager of a specialist cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapy service and now I work two days a week as a Specialist cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapist.
I fell in love with Jess Harper from the first episode on British Television when I was 9 years old.  While friends screamed for the Beatles ( I lived and still do live) near Liverpool. my heart beat for Jess alone.

I met Robert Fuller in 2007 when I travelled to America to see him, fulfilling a Lifetimes dream.

The Fandom Moderators

Dianne Bailey

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The Online Store Customer Services Manager

Amy Mintzer

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Fandom Moderators ensure new Fan Club members are welcomed. New members have their messages held and checked until we get to know them. This ensures we can protect Robert and other members from undesirable messages such as marketing and selling posts or bad language. The moderators check these messages and ensure new members are complying with Fan Club rules

Our Beta Reader checks all text to ensure it is grammatically correct and properly structured.

The Unsung Heroes.

These are the team members who work away in the background. While not as visible as writers their work is vital for the success of the website and the Fandom.

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