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As you would expect Robert has in his career had many articles written about him in newspapers, magazines and books. In Japan he even had entire magazines devoted to him. So the coverage has been massive - too big to reproduce everything here. Nevertheless we are going to try and give you a very comprehensive taste of the things that were written about Robert throughout his career.

Robert Fuller  Articles Index

TV Annual 1960

Buddies in Fuedtown

I Adopted Bob Fuller


TV Mag - Confederate Express

Spring Joins Laramie

9 Hours In Jail

UK Photoplay 1988

Back At The Ranch

The Private World Of Robert Fuller

Fuller Life

Introducing Patrick Fuller

TV Screen Life August 1960

UK Western Annual 1964

Profiles John and Robert

Let’s Get Married Again

Guns Magazine Sept 1963

Japanese Scans Set 1

Japanese Scans Set 2

Japanese Scans Set 3

Japanese Scans Set 4

TV Doctors - Where Are They Now

Argentinian TV Guide May 1962

Norway July 1967 Article 1

Norway July 1967 Article 2

TV Guide Sept 1961

Want To Be A Bad Guy

Yakima Washington

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