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This is an article from a Norwegian newspaper dated July 1967. This appeared in both major Norwegian newspapers, Aftenposten, and Dagbladet.

Scroll to the bottom and you will find a translation done by Yvonne Freydberg

Headline: “Laramie-Jess” in Oslo

It’s not a joke when Jess knocks down bandits and outlaws, and other bad guys, on Laramie, the Western series shown on Norwegian television a while ago. He does his own fighting, not using a stand-in.

“It’s a constant battle with producers, but as a long time stuntman I can’t very well let others do dangerous scenes for me,” says Jess, alias Robert Fuller, who is in Oslo these days to play one of the leads in a German-American film where half the scenes will be filmed in Norway.

Fuller came to Norway a few days ahead of the film crew to so some sightseeing in Oslo. He has never been to Scandinavia before. He came straight from Hollywood, where he lives with his wife and two small children. He is 33 years old, a dark, good looking young man with Elvis type sideburns. At age 17 he started as a stand in and stuntman, and has fought, and fallen off horses for, among others, Jerry Lewis and Steve McQueen.

“Many broken bones over the years?”

RF:  “Nothing worth mentioning. But one time I did break my leg in three places, and was delighted! Was on sick leave for three months, first vacation I’ve had in years. Other than that, I’ve pretty much stayed in one piece.”

RF: “The last Laramie episode was a long time ago. Altogether 127 hour long episodes over four years.”

“Did you breathe a sigh of relief when it was done?”

RF: “I could have kept on doing Laramie. There was no question of getting tired of it.”

Fuller is the sporty type. He hunts, fishes, rides and water skis. The first thing he asked about was trout and salmon fishing opportunities around Oslo, and how far he would have to travel to find snow. He hasn’t seen a snow drift in years. He also brought his sixgun and other things he used on Laramie.

RF: “If there are any children’s hospitals in Oslo, maybe the kids would enjoy meeting Jess in real life? I get a lot of fan mail from youngsters in Norway, so I know they know me.”

The film that Fuller is starring in is titled “A Midsummer Night” and after filming in Norway for a few weeks, the team heads Austria to shoot the rest there. Fuller’s leading lady is Christine Kruger, and the director is Peter Mayer.